Netflix, Poké & Chill

Bec – Head of Events



  • Shagged, Married, Annoyed – Totally hilarious, belly laugh every time
  • How I built this – Really interesting, keep the brain ticking while trapped at home!
  • Happy place – Ferne Cotton interviews big names on what makes them happy – very feel good!



  • Goop – It’s about Gwenyth Paltrows brand, it’s a bit whacky but a good watch
  • Entourage – An oldie but a goodie, not outdated at all and a real easy binge watch
  • Friends…. Pretty self explanatory and totally feel good!

Hugh – Franchise Manager



  • Cooked – An awesome 4 piece documentary about the 4 primes elements of cooking, really inspiring and interesting to see how we have developed as a species and how diets have changed. Based on the book by Michael Pollan, also worth a read
  • Don’t F*ck with Cats – Just watch it
  • The Thick of It – A very spicy satirical comedy about British Politics, if you’re looking for a lock in and a laugh with an edge, go watch


  • Notting Hill – You know it’s a goodie
  • Tell No One – French movie, about a husband whose wife disappears, but 7 years later emails him. Roller coaster ride but bloody brilliant. 
  • La Haine – another French movie about life in the Paris suburbs
  • Million Dollar Baby – Oscar winning movie about a Female Boxer
  • The Departed – Boston Cop vs Gangster movie with a twist. Big cast and excellent



  • Bon Iver – Plug in, lie down, close your eyes and let it play. You won’t regret it. Music in visual form.
  • The Teskey Brothers – Melbourne meets American Blues, a talented fraternity if ever I heard one.
  • The 1975 – Album: A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships – My album of 2019, a band usually misunderstood as a popular for any super sweet sixteen, give this a listen and it will testify these guys are anything but.
  • Moby – Album: Play – Old school but glorious
  • SupertrampBest Hits – If I could pay to see a band live from the past, these guys would get my vote
  • Konradsen – Album: Saints and Sebastian Stories – Nordic easy chill with layers on layers of magic. You’ll be head banging zen on your sofa. It’s a vibe, roll with it.



  • Mornings in Jenin
  • The Kite Runner
  • A Month in the Country
  • Hotel Du Lac
  • In Cold Blood

Georgina – Finance Director 


“I’m going home to watch Moulin Rouge this evening – my guilty pleasure.


Maybe listen to some Bob Marley in the shower this evening too”


David – Head of Marketing 



  • Drag Race – Not watched it yet? Now’s the perfect time to start. I would recommend starting at the most recent series and working backwards. The UK one on iplayer was surprisingly entertaining too!
  • Next in Fashion – Easy watching and it’s nice to have Alexa Chung back on our screens again 
  • Don’t F*ck With Cats – Hugh already mentioned it above but SERIOUSLY if you haven’t yet, you need to.. 
  • There’s also the documentary about Bill and Melinda gates, can’t remember the actual name of it but it’s a great watch and helps to restore your faith in humanity
  • Gogglebox – It never fails to make me laugh and saves you having to watch all the shows they cover off!

As you can see, we’re a pretty diverse bunch so hopefully something in the above lists might pique your interests.


Enjoy, and let us know what you think (Hugh will be happy to talk about Bon Iver til the cows come home.. trust us).


Love, team IP


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