Aloha, peace, love and welcome to Island Poké. Our passion is serving fresh, exciting and vibrant fast food and livening up your day whilst we’re at it. Poké bowls are the ever-evolving modern take on the traditional Hawaiian dish of marinated raw fish served over rice with delicious toppings. Along with the food, we have adopted the laid-back love of life that Hawaiian people have, and we want to spread the good vibes. Our aim is to transport you to an island state of mind with each and every bite of our food.

Poké (Po-Keh) /poʊˈkeɪ/ verb – Hawaiian to ‘slice’ or ‘dice



Got a craving? We understand. We have several grab-and-go poké havens across London, so you will never be far from fantastic food and a warm aloha welcome. Find your nearest here.

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