Build your own bowl or pick one of our house classics

House bowls

Grab any one of our House Bowls for a quick poké fix.

Classic Ahi – The OG at IP. Featuring shoyu marinated ahi tuna, pineapple chilli salsa, wakame seaweed, sesame seeds, spring onions, and crispy shallots.

Yuzu Lomi Lomi – Super fresh salmon in our yuzu and soy dressing, mango salsa, edamame, sesame seeds and spring onions.

Huli Huli Chicken – Charred miso chicken topped with our pineapple and chilli based Huli Huli sauce, mango salsa, homemade kimchi, sesame seeds, spring onions, and nori.

Vegan Ahi – Like the original, now 100% vegan. Made from watermelon and a bit of magic, we have an entirely plant-based version of the Classic Ahi.


Base it – Go light with greens or go fluffy with rice, just follow your heart and choose what your body needs.

Top it – It’s the soul of the bowl. Select your poké-style topping and start to get excited.

Finish it – Whether you need spicy salsa or are craving crunch, life is better with more toppings so don’t hold back.



Açai – This superfood berry is the perfect way to start your day. Topped with fresh banana, crumble and peanut butter this is the best antioxidant kickstarter!

Coco-Hūnā – A big dollop of creamy coconut yoghurt, topped with our fresh mango, mixed berry compote and raw museli… what is not to love about the Coco-Hūnā!

Mango Momona Loa – Our new mango whip base is so yummy, it is sure to get your taste buds racing. Topped with fresh banana & strawberries, crumble and toasted coconut.

Oat-my-Goodness – Porridge is the oldest trick in the (breakfast) book, but you have never had porridge as good as this! Made with cashew milk for extra creaminess, topped with cinnamon stewed apple, blueberries, crumble and peanut butter, this is oh-so-good! And why not make it extra indulgent and try our vegan chocolate addition.


We apply the best practices to avoid any potential cross-contamination with allergens. However, please note that our products  are prepared in a busy kitchen where allergens are present.

 Also, allergens are present in our food supply chain, therefore, we cannot guarantee our products are 100% free from traces of allergens.

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