Island Poke X Claw Collab

Sustainably sourced fish is at the heart of Island Poké’s cuisine, and for this guest bowl we teamed up with the lovely, like-minded folks at CLAW for a bowl inspired by the best of British seafood.


Like Island Poké, crustaceous eatery CLAW grew from humble street-food beginnings. Though they now have their own restaurant on Carnaby Street, they still love popping up at festivals and events all over the UK to let people try their delicious food and spread the good word. Taking out the middle men, they deal directly with sustainable fishermen to ensure that they receive the best produce. They get their crab and lobster from Favis in Salcombe, oysters from Colchester and their trout from the chalk streams in Hampshire. 


On sampling their super-fresh trout, we just knew that it would work like a dream in one of our bowls. Served up at the height of summer, this refreshing dish was packed full of powerful flavours. The centrepiece of it all was CLAW’s delicious beetroot cured trout, which graced a bed of leafy greens dressed with herb vinaigrette. The bowl was finished with pickled English pear spiked with Japanese spice mix tōgarashi, yuzu ricotta, edamame beans and topped with shoestring beetroot crisps to add crunch. The creamy tang from the ricotta complemented the flavours of the earthy beetroot to perfection. 

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