no human is an island.

Our planet won’t be around forever, which is why at Island Poké we’re big on sustainability and conscious living. From sea to shore we do our very best to ensure we’re being as responsible as we possibly can. Our Founder, James oversees every touchpoint in the Island Poké supply chain…


Our tuna is always long-line caught and is currently rated by the Marine Conservation Society as either 2 or 3 in their Good Fish Guide. The boats we use are chipped to avoid overfishing, and our salmon is sourced from a small fishing cooperative, which has strict laws on output.


Our sashimi grade salmon is sustainably farmed, and it’s well-known that adopting a plant-based diet can help fight climate change which is why we’re constantly adapting and expanding our vegan offering – shout out to the Teriyaki Tofu and Miso Aubergine bowls!


It doesn’t just stop at the poké, okay? The giant palm tree at our Southbank island is even made from 100% recycled plastic so you can soak up the tropical vibes without clocking up those air-miles.

Our bio bowls – which took a whole 14 months to develop – break down into compost in just 119 days. We’ve also stopped selling plastic-bottled drinks, and ditched the straws completely.

for the future

Island Poké is always open to learning about creative new ways to be sustainable, so if you have an idea, then let us know so we can help save the world and maintain our slice of paradise.

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