The Vegan Ahi Tuna Bowl

Creating a vegan version of our signature ahi tuna bowl was such an exciting challenge for us. We set out to make a damn delicious plant-based alternative because, firstly, those who choose to be vegan really don’t deserve to miss out on our heaven-sent food while they’re trying to save the world. And secondly, so that even our regular customers who aren’t vegan might be tempted to choose this once in a while – and we can all share the load of contributing towards a better future for our planet.


Though traditional poké all started with raw fish, the word ‘poké’ itself means to dice or slice and really that can apply to anything, whether to vegetables, meat or fish. The true essence of Island Poké is that fresh, vibrant tropical taste present in many types of food and other dishes. But it was quite some test to figure out just how to create a natural, plant-based version of our marinated tuna sashimi with the same look, taste and texture.

After a lot of searching and testing, we found the magic ingredient. The wondrous thing at the centre of it all is the sweet, humble watermelon. When cooked gently it has a delicately succulent texture, and when marinated in a similar set of savoury ingredients to the Classic Ahi recipe it really comes alive. We have chosen to serve it in a similar style to our beloved signature Classic Ahi for the full experience: on a bed of sushi rice, topped with wakame seaweed, zingy pineapple chilli salsa and spring onions. A generous sprinkling of crispy shallots and sesame seeds adds that all-important crunch on top. Or, as always, if you are the type who knows what you like, you can go right ahead and customise it to your liking.


We are super proud to be pioneers of the first vegan tuna poké in Europe. It encapsulates our passion for incredible food and the earth-friendly vibes of the aloha spirit. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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