Visiting Our Salmon Farms

Finding the very best ethically and sustainably sourced fish has been one of our key goals at Island Poké right from the start. As you can imagine, we sling quite a lot of salmon, and so seeking out the best supplier of this particular fish was vital to us. The place we settled on was a small family-run fishing cooperative in Norway. Not content to just hear about how good it was, our founder James and Operations Manager Hugh took a trip up there to check it out for themselves.


They found farmers who really care for the welfare of the fish and their local communities with a unique understanding of how these things go hand in hand. Apart from being provided with huge pens to swim in and being incredibly well fed, the salmon are tended to by happy people. The farmers believe that happy people do a better job to raise healthier, therefore tastier fish. It makes a lot of sense really when you think about it – the people are happy because the salmon farms are a thriving investment in their local communities and the salmon are less stressed because they are tended to by happy, enthusiastic people. Happy people, happy fish, happy poké lovers!

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